tuesday, 25 january 2022, Pál
Dear Visitor!

I am most honored to be the first to greet you on the renewed website of our community.Welcome to all who are interested in our commune or plan to visit us and special greetings to our locals who will hopefully find this website very helpful. I hope that together we will fill this web page with content, with useful information and observations.

The renewal of this web page aims to make the everyday administrative issues of our citizens easier for them. Thus, in the future, the official web page of Ciceu will contain the most important information related to different administrative questions which will hopefully make the administrative processes easier and faster. Furthermore, we would like to offer our citizens, our regular visitors and to everybody who is interested in Ciceu a more detailed presentation of the life of our commune.

Our intention is to help visitors get a wider picture about the everyday life of the people living in Ciceu, the history of the locality and its economic, cultural, touristic and sports life, the advantages of its geographical position and all the values that the people from Ciceu are so proud of. One cannot
see on the internet how kind and hospitable the people of this commune are; therefore I advise you to come and visit us and see it for yourselves. The rich and diverse traditions of Ciceu are all part of our lives, strengthening the feeling of love and respect for our community. Our built environment, the places of interest in the region, our programs and events all reflect our appreciation for our own values. There is an open and very active social and community life here.

The locals are proud of the fact that the old and basic values which, in the last few centuries, served as firm foundations for the survival and development of Ciceu, can still be found in this community. We still return to these values in order to gain strength for revival and to solve the tasks which lay ahead of us. I hope that I was able to raise your interest about our commune and wish you will be able to experience yourselves the hospitality of Ciceu, its all-
season touristic offers and its intimate, familial atmosphere. I wish you all an enjoyable browsing experience, success and bliss while using this web page.

Péter Lukács
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